FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Travelers may have been exposed to measles

Public health officials are warning travelers and workers who were present at four major U.S. airports that they may have been exposed to the measles virus from someone arriving from London.

Authorities recently announced that on Saturday, a New Mexico woman later confirmed to have measles arrived at Washington Dulles Airport from London late on February 20. She then departed from BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport in Baltimore bound for Denver, Colorado, and then Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to the Washington Post.

According to Tom Skinner from the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the traveler became sick in New Mexico and was then diagnosed with measles, the Washington Post reports. Health authorities in the states the traveler was in are attempting to warn those who may have sat next to her on the plane trips.

The New Mexico Department of Public Health would not release the woman's name, but it announced that she was a 27-year-old Santa Fe, New Mexico, woman who had not been immunized against the disease.

"The appropriate steps are being taken to reach out to those passengers on the plane that were in close enough proximity," Skinner said of other travelers that could have been in contact, according to the Washington Post.

Most Americans have been vaccinated for the measles or are immune because of previously exposure to the disease. Health officials are concerned about pregnant women, babies and those with weakened immune systems.