Venezuela contains cholera outbreak

The Venezuelan government recently announced that it has contained a cholera outbreak that at one time had sickened hundreds of people.

Officials in Caracas are confident that they had stopped the disease from spreading, but, to be safe, they plan on implementing a follow up program this week to verify that every possible leak has been investigated exhaustively, according to AFP.

The illness struck some 450 Venezuelans who had attended a wedding last month in the Dominican Republic. It is believed that those infected dined on contaminated shrimp or lobster.

The Dominican Republic borders Haiti, where the original outbreak of the disease occurred. Dominican Republic Health Minister Bautista Rojas said that the lobsters were bought from a town that borders Haiti, where more than 4,000 have died from a cholera epidemic in recent months, AFP reports.

Venezuelan officials claim to have staunched the outbreak by putting everyone who attended the wedding under quarantine, though not all who attended ate the shrimp and lobster.

It is believed that the incubation period for the disease has passed and that those exposed to the disease can now no longer pass it on to others, Health Minister Eugenia Sader told AFP.

The government also successfully began a media campaign to warn the public about the dangers of the disease as well as to ensure that all adopt strict hygiene measures to control the outbreak.