Report scrutinizes impact of the Affordable Care Act on vaccine policy

A new report issued by the George Washington School of Public Health and Health Services analyzes the impact of the Affordable Care Act on national vaccine and immunization policy.

The report, which was funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, examines a wide range of reforms that are aimed at the strengthening of immunization practices, according to

"Our analysis shows the extent to which immunization policy reform has emerged as a key component of health reform," Alexandra M. Stewart said, according to Stewart is assistant professor of health policy at the George Washington University and a leading contributor to the report.

Numerous provisions of the Affordable Care Act that will affect insurance coverage and affordability are identified in the report, reports. The report also examines how the Affordable Care Act will alter access to immunization services and the national investment in community prevention, community wellness and primary care.

"The implications of the Affordable Care Act for access to and improvements in the timeliness and quality of immunization practice are far-reaching for the entire population," Sara Rosenbaum, the Hirsch professor of health law and policy at George Washington University and a senior author of the report, said, according to