European Parliament passes resolution to fight TB

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday, passed by a margin of 578 to nine, that includes the fight against tuberculosis in the flagship Europe 2020 Strategy using European research to combat the disease in developing countries.

The resolution highlights the role the European Union can play in attempting to match the U.N. Millennium Development goal to "halt and begin to reverse the trend" of tuberculosis by the year 2015, eGovMonitor.com reports. Progress has been made to stop TB worldwide but it still causes nearly two million deaths every year with a mortality rate especially high among sufferers of HIV and AIDS and those living in developing countries.

The Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative is an independently run, EU-supported organization that develops new vaccines in an effort to make them affordable and globally accessible.

Members of Parliament highlighted the central role the TBVI can play to help improve the efficacy of this resolution, eGovMonitor.com reports. They also mentioned that wider pharmaceutical research efforts are needed to tackle similarly deadly but more neglected diseases in developing countries.

Europe 2020 is the EU's strategy of growth for the upcoming decade. The EU website states that "In a changing world, we want the EU to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. These three mutually reinforcing priorities should help the EU and the Member States deliver high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion."