MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

Mauritania sees first confirmed chikungunya case

Maya Hanoomanjee, the Mauritian Minister of Health, recently set up an emergency committee to prevent the spread of chikungunya disease in the wake of the country’s first confirmed case.

Public health officials were quick to point out that there was no epidemic of the disease, which is a virus spread by mosquitoes, according to

Hanoomanjee said that as a preventative measure, the island nation has begun to spray insecticide over several regions.

Hospital directors, medical doctors and nurses have been warned of the disease and ordered to apply strict protocols established for cases of fever in their institutions, Hanoomanjee said, reports.

Chikungunya is known to cause fever and severe joint pain. Other symptoms of the disease include headache, muscle pain, nausea, fatigue and rashes. The World Health Organization says it can easily be misdiagnosed with dengue fever where that disease is common.

There is no cure for chikungunya and care for victims focuses on treating the symptoms of the disease.

Mauritius has launched a sensitization campaign against the disease. Trash collection and the clearing of brushy areas has begun. Drains are also being cleaned and cleared and areas of stagnant water are being removed.

At the country’s ports and airports, inspections are being conducted and passengers questioned about their health.