SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Dominican Republic sets plans to fight cholera

The health ministry of the Dominican Republic recently announced that it plans to spend $32 million to fight cholera, which has infected 189 people in the country.

Since its first outbreak last October, neighboring Haiti has seen almost 4,000 people die of cholera, according to

The Dominican Republic plans to spend the $32 million throughout the year in order to keep the situation from deteriorating. The government simultaneously announced plans to spend $45 million for other health plans and to subsidize hospital care.

Public health officials plan to stress the prevention of illnesses like malaria, dengue fever and leptospirosis.

The origin of the outbreak that began in Haiti remains unclear, though a disputed medical study claims it came from human waste dumped in a river by Nepalese United Nations soldiers there for the Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti, or Minustah, reports.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the cholera bacteria in Haiti and the Dominican Republic came from South Asia, but the Nepalese soldiers were tested and passed their examinations.

Nonetheless, the cholera outbreak appears to have blown the lid off of pent-up frustration with the United Nations mission.

"I don't see Minustah doing anything serious," Michou Chilojene said, according to Time. "If they were, they would put their heads together with President [René] Préval and get us out from underneath these tents."