IDRI receives grant to develop new influenza vaccine

The Infectious Disease Research Institute recently announced that it has received a multi-million dollar grant to develop a new influenza vaccine.

The grant money was provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Army Research Office, which are both parts of the United States Department of Defense, and will fund the creation of a single dose influenza vaccine that could be used in the case of a pandemic flu outbreak.

The proposal utilizes new vaccine adjuvant technology developed by IDRI, as well as a microneedle delivery device. Intradermal vaccine delivery, though still in its infancy, has proven benefits when compared to the traditional injection. It may enhance protection and allow for a reduction in the amount of antigen used. It should also limit the number of doses needed to a single one.

"We are in a unique position to bring the vaccine adjuvant and the delivery technologies together to elicit better and more rapid stimulation of the body's defenses,” Darrick Carter, director of formulations at IDRI said.

The grant will provide support for IDRI’s proof-of-concept preclinical and Phase I trial work. Furthermore, the device-adjuvant platform that results from this program can also be used for intradermal delivery of a variety of vaccines.