Uganda to wait two more weeks for yellow fever vaccinations

Despite promises, the mass vaccination against yellow fever for residents living in northern Uganda may not begin for another two weeks because the vaccine has yet to reach the country.

Dr. Kenya Mugisha, the director of clinical and community health services, said the vaccine is limited in supply, according to AllAfrica.com.

"The medicine is scarce,” Mugisha said, according to AllAfrica.com. “There is a possibility of it having to be manufactured but we are working with the International Coordinating Group to see that it is here as soon as possible."

The problem comes at the same time that Cameroon is battling a yellow fever outbreak of its own and supplies must be divided between the two countries. A total of 1.5 million doses must be shared between them. The Ugandan vaccination plan calls for 2.5 million people to be vaccinated in 26 districts.

Mugisha, who headed the National Task Force on Yellow Fever in northern Uganda, told AllAfrica.com that the situation is under control and said that no new cases have been reported in several days. Additionally, most of those who were hospitalized have since been discharged.

"The situation is calm, by Friday, only 23 people were still contained in hospitals," Mugisha said, according to AllAfrica.com.

The recent outbreak has killed 48 people in Uganda and infected a known 190 others. Dr. Isa Makumbi, an official from the health ministry, told AllAfrica.com that three million Ugandans are at risk of contracting the disease if no further action is taken against it in the region.