Five states report widespread influenza

According to the weekly Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, five states had widespread cases of influenza last week, which is up from zero states with widespread cases two weeks ago.

The five states included New York and four that were located in the south, including Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia and Georgia, according to the Associated Press.

The report also revealed that six states - Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois and Louisiana - had moderate flu activity. Five states - Idaho, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma and Texas - had low influenza activity. Minimal activity was detected in 35 other states. Data was insufficient to calculate flu activity in Arkansas and the District of Columbia, according to the CDC.

Another CDC measure is how much the influenza is spreading, which ranges from widespread to no activity. Five states - Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, Georgia and New York - reported widespread activity, 13 states and Puerto Rico reported regional activity, nine states reported local activity and 23 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia reported sporadic activity. Guam had no influenza activity to report.

Of the 120 virus samples tested, the flu that is circulating appears to be matched well to this season's flu vaccine.