Immunitor releases findings of V5 immunomodulator against TB

Immunitor has released the findings of the first half of a study aimed at assessing the value of its V5 immunomodulator against tuberculosis, including drug resistant forms of the disease.

The study, entitled "Adjunct Oral Immunotherapy in Patients with Re-treated, Multidrug-resistant or HIV-coinfected TB," will appear in the peer reviewed journal Immunotherapy, according to News-Medical.net.

The 120 patient clinical trial was conducted by Dr. Olga Arjanova and a team from Lisichansk TB Dispensary in eastern Ukraine. Its aim was to compare the impact of V5 immunotherapy to that of a placebo among refractory TB patients that included those with re-treated TB, multi-drug resistant TB and TB with HIV coinfection, News-Medical.net reports.

Arjanova’s study supports earlier findings that appeared in the October issue of the Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination and provides evidence of the safety and efficacy of V5 immunotherapy.

V5 was shown to be safe and did not produce any adverse effects or a reactivation of TB. In conjunction with first or second line TB drugs, V5 cleared M. tuberculosis in sputum smears in 96.3 percent of test cases, compared with 25 percent among the placebo group.

Additionally, V5 also reportedly enhanced the treatment options of those with other diseases. The addition of V5 was shown to counter the hepatotoxicity of other TB drugs, proving that a combination of V5 with anti-tuberculosis therapy has the benefit of preventing or reducing liver damage.

"Remarkable anti-TB activity was discovered accidentally during clinical trial in patients with chronic hepatitis C who also happened to have Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV co-infections," Aldar Bourinbaiar, CEO of Immunitor, said, according to News-Medical.net. "The goal of Immunitor is to investigate in depth the properties of V5 and, in so doing, eventually develop a vaccine that could do both, treat and prevent TB."