Tennessee has highest rate of immunization

In the annual America's Health Rankings report, the state of Tennessee has been found to have the highest rate of immunization for particular vaccines for children aged 19 to 35 months this year.

"We set a goal to better protect the health of young children in our state by improving our immunization rates to prevent them from getting these very serious and potentially deadly diseases," Susan R. Cooper, the Tennessee Health Commissioner, said, according to The Commercial Appeal. "Immunization is the best way to protect yourself and your family from vaccine-preventable disease, and our work continues to improve immunization rates for all Tennesseans."

The report uses multiple measurement types, including obesity, infant mortality rates, cardiovascular death and the prevalence of smoking. Since immunization rates were calculated different this year as opposed to in years past, it is not possible to compare previous results from previous years, according to The Commercial Appeal.

"We celebrate the accomplishment of parents, doctors, nurses and other public health professionals in making the state's childhood immunization program among the best in the nation," Kelly Moore, the medical director of the Tennessee Immunization Program, said, The Commercial Appeal reports. "When people get the vaccines they need, everyone in the community is safer and healthier."

The Vaccines for Children federal program allows all children under the age of 19 years in Tennessee to receive routinely recommended vaccines even if their parents can't afford to pay.