Vaccine refrigerator keeps vaccines viable for 10 days without electricity

The True Energy Company of the United Kingdom has created a new vaccine refrigerator that can withstand temperatures up to 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit and preserve life-saving vaccines for up to 10 days without an electricity supply.

The device may have the ability to save many lives in remote areas, such as locations in underdeveloped nations that may not have consistent access to electricity, the Associated Press of Pakistan reports.

“The revolutionary new product can store over U.S. $30,000 worth of vaccines over 10 days without power at ambient temperature and is suitable for energy deficient countries,” Stewart Jones, True Energy's company director, said, according to the APP. “Lost vaccines mean lost money and, more importantly, lost lives.”

Jones said that the vaccine refrigerator would be very useful in disaster-ridden areas like the flood hit areas in Pakistan, where authorities and non-government organizations are currently attempting to treat citizens as diseases spread throughout the area. He points out that most vaccine refrigerators can maintain safe temperatures for vaccines for a maximum of 31 hours.

The refrigerator was marketed recently at a trade fair in Malaysia and it has been approved by the World Health Organization, the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health and UNICEF.

“We do have previous versions of our vaccine refrigerator in the field in Pakistan and have received extremely good reports about their performance,” Jones said, the APP reported. “These vaccine refrigerators are all solar powered and need a battery unlike the new version.”