Three cases of chikungunya reported in Brazil

Health officials in Brazil have reported three cases of chikungunya, a viral infection spread by mosquitoes that can cause severe joint pain and fever.

One of those infected was a man from Sao Paulo who had recently traveled to Indonesia, another was a man from Rio de Janiero and the third was a Sao Paulo woman who had recently returned from India, reports. All three have since received treatment and recovered.

The virus, which originates in Africa and Southeast Asia is transmitted by the Aedes aegipty mosquito, the same carrier of the dengue disease, which is common in Brazil. Chikungunya has a lower mortality rate than dengue.

“Severe cases of chikungunya are more rare than those of dengue,” Dr. Pedro Luiz Tull of the Tropical Medicine Center at the University of Brasillia said, Coletivo reports. “It is a seemingly more benign disease than dengue. Its occurrence is restricted to Southeast Asia. The cases identified here are imported from the region.”

According to Tull, the condition is easily treatable in the reference laboratories of Brazil. Health officials in Brazil have confirmed that there is no evidence that the virus was transmitted in Brazil itself. The three cases have been reported to the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization.