Antimicrobial eliminates tuberculosis in under five minutes

Independent results from MicroChem Laboratory, Inc., have indicated that specialty technology-based life science company BioNeutral Group’s Ygiene Hospital Grade antimicrobial eliminated tuberculosis in less than five minutes.

H. Paul Dorman, the CEO of DFB Pharmaceuticals, retained Dr. Norman Miner, owner and operator of MicroChem Laboratories, to conduct Independent Standard Rate of Kill Tests of BioNeutrals Ygiene against tuberculosis. BioNeutral Group recently signed a “stand still” agreement with DFB Pharmaceuticals.

“Tuberculosis is often a deadly disease with over a quarter of the world’s population suffering from some form of this disease,” Dr. Andrew Kielbania, chief scientist at BioNeutral Group, said. “With new infectious outbreaks occurring very rapidly, we believe there is a serious need for a highly effective new antimicrobial that can quickly eliminate this deadly microorganism. These independent results from Dr. Miner’s laboratory provide us additional support that our Ygiene Hospital Grade Antimicrobial is an exceptional product that can be used in the proactive preventative control and of this potentially very deadly disease.

MicroChem Laboratory was established in 1988 to test liquid chemical germicides, high-level disinfectants and other antimicrobial products. DFB Pharmaceuticals is a fully-integrated specialty pharmaceutical company that provides services and technologies to the healthcare industry. The BioNeutral Group, Inc., has developed a technology platform that neutralized toxins, harmful environmental contaminants and dangerous micro-organisms.