Hong Kong reports no new bird flu cases

According to health authorities in eastern China, there has been no detection of human cases of bird flu after a Hong Kong woman contracted the potentially deadly condition after visiting the region that includes Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shangai.

Experts have searched for people that the 59-year-old woman came into close contact with during her trip. The woman is currently in serious condition in a Hong Kong hospital isolation ward, Health.Yahoo.Net reports.

“Currently no cases have emerged,” the Shanghai Health Bureau said in a statement, according to Health.Yahoo.Net.

The woman’s daughter-in-law, son and others, including hotel employees in Shanghai, have been checked and have not presented any symptoms. Over 30 hotel workers were also checked in Nanjing and no symptoms were found. Hong Kong officials have said it was too early to determine where or how the woman contracted the disease.

Re-emergence of the disease has led to concern in Hong Kong, which is where the last human case of bird flu was recorded in 2003, though mainland China has seen the disease re-occur several times.

The last human case reported was in June when a young pregnant woman in the central province of Hubel passed away from bird flu, which brought the fatalities up to 26 people killed by the virus since 2003, according to Health.Yahoo.Net.