Hepatitis B outbreak kills five at North Carolina nursing home

Health officials are attempting to locate the source of a hepatitis B outbreak in a North Carolina nursing home that has been suspected of causing five deaths.

In addition to the five deaths, three other residents have contracted hepatitis B at the GlenCare of Mount Olive Assisted Living Center in Mount Olive, North Carolina, according to CNN.

The owner of the facility has revealed that the health department told him that his staff had used the same diabetes pen on several different patients and that it may be the cause of the outbreak. The center's staff denies the allegations and has pointed to other potential reasons.

“I can't believe that they did,” Thomas Allen, who had a mother at the facility until last year, said, according to  “I mean, anybody can do anything on any day but I just don't believe that these people would knowingly and intentionally do anything that would harm anybody.”

The health department, in turn, denies having told the owner of the facility anything it has found during the investigation, but it admitted regulators may call about particular concerns.

A spokesman for the health department told CNN that it is finalizing the results of the investigation and has initiated a corrective plan for the facility. The facility will have one week to comply with the new standards.

The facility, however, appears to be denying direct responsibility for the outbreak.

"These patients live here and they enjoy the same social entertainment that you do out there in the community,” Ann Komegay, vice president of Glen Care, said, according to CNN. “They have sex. They have the right. They can go down to the store where often times drug dealers are and they can get illegal drugs. They can get alcohol. We don't allow alcohol to be consumed on our property."