People with diabetes more prone to TB, report says

According to several systemic reviews and studies by the Stop TB Partnership, people with diabetes may have a two- to three-fold higher risk of getting tuberculosis.

This prominent linkage was announced when different TB program managers from India, Nepal, Thailand and other Indian states revealed their results at a consultative workshop by the TB and Poverty Sub-Working Group of the Stop TB Partnership, NewsBlaze.com reports.

The TB and Poverty Sub-Working Group is located in New Delhi, India, in the South-East Asia office of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

Early studies have suggested that approximately one fifth of incident sputum positive TB is co-morbid with diabetes. This is most prevalent where  the general population is high, such as rural and poorer areas. This combination could push poor individuals into greater poverty.

“The risk of mortality is much higher in TB patients who have co-existing diabetes,” Dr. Anil Kapur, president of the World Diabetes Foundation, said, according to NewsBlaze.com. “There are also evidences to suggest that when there is co-existing diabetes it takes longer for the sputum to become negative (for TB) with anti-tubercular treatment.”

A study by the University of Texas School of Public Health - Brownsville regional campus showed that those with type II diabetes may have a greater risk for contracting TB. Type II diabetes with chronic high blood sugar was also found to be connected to an altered TB immune response.