SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

TB scare at California high school

An individual associated with James Logan High School in Union City, Calfiornia, was identified as an active carrier of tuberculosis, which will require that around 500 students be tested.

The person carrying the disease, whose identity has not been released, is no longer on campus and is currently being treated, reports.

“Our priority at this point is to maintain the teaching and learning environment,” New Haven Unified School District spokesman Rick La Plante said, according to

La Plante also stressed that the spread of tuberculosis is quite difficult as it requires prolonged contact with an active carrier in an enclosed environment. The school and the Alameda County Public Health Department have been working together to find all students and staff members who may be at risk.

Two notifications have been sent to around 500 people who must be tested as a result of potential exposure, reports.

Tuberculosis, at one point the most deadly disease in the United States, has dwindled to a total of 11,545 cases in 2009. which is a rate of 3.8 cases per 100,000 people. This rate has declined annually since 1953, according to the Center for Disease Control. Both the infection and the disease can be treated with a steady regimen of drugs.