WHO says dengue fever is a neglected disease

Despite being one of the most rapidly growing mosquito-borne illness in the world and being under intense media scrutiny in recent years, the World Health Organization considers dengue fever be to a neglected disease.

The WHO makes the claim that, despite its growing infamy, as well as its growing rate of infection, funds to fight dengue fever have not been forthcoming. The WHO blames the lack of funding for dengue’s recent gains worldwide, according to

Without proper funds, shortcomings in dengue control have become obvious. Efforts to reduce the number of mosquitoes and the production of a vaccine against the virus have not yielded spectacular results.

Nonetheless, dengue is still listed among diseases like leprosy, which generally afflict the poor and are present in limited areas. Dengue, however, is spreading, affecting more and more people every year as its range grows, reports. It has been seen now in the southern United States and even in mainland France. This year, Southeast Asia has been hit particularly hard.

An expert at regional communicable diseases with the WHO, Dr. John Ehrenberg, told that he believes governments are not paying attention to an untenable situation. He feels governments only react swiftly when dengue is active. When the disease is dormant, he said, so are governments.