Cholera outbreak hits Haiti

An outbreak of what is thought to be cholera has spread in northern Haiti, leading to the death of at least 138 people.

In total, there have been 1,526 reported cases in the area of the outbreak, reports.

“The first results from the lab tests show there is cholera, but we don’t know which type,” an official from the public health ministry said, according to

The main concentration of the outbreak is in the town of Saint-Marc, according to Jessica Du Plessis of the UN humanitarian affairs agency, reports. Approximately 300 people are believed to be suffering from cholera-related symptoms in the city, which is located 60 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

This is the first reported outbreak of cholera in Haiti since before the devastating earthquake in January. While it was feared that an outbreak would occur during the recovery, none came about until this recent spread of the disease.

The bacterium Vibrio Chlolerae is responsible for the cholera, which spreads to food and water that has been in contact with contaminated water. The symptoms of cholera include vomiting and serious diarrhea that lead to dehydration. If it is not treated quickly with antibiotics and rehydration, the condition can be fatal.