Taiwan creating command center to stop dengue fever

Health officials in Taiwan announced this week that the city will be setting up a command center to stop the dengue fever that has been spreading quickly throughout the country.

During a press conference this week, Department of Health Minister Yaung Chih-Liang announced that he and Stephen S.H. Shen, minister of the Environmental Protection Administration, will head the command center, reports.

Chang Feng-Yee, director-general of the DOH's Centers for Disease Control, told that the center will also establish ad hoc command bases in Taiwan's southern counties of Kaohsiung and Tainan, the hardest hit areas.

DOH statistics indicate that the number of indigenous cases of the disease rose by 132 last week. From August to date, the total number of indigenous cases has reached 643 nationwide, the DOH said. DOH officials estimate that the number of indigenous dengue fever cases will probably surpass 1,000 this year, reports.

Yaung attributes the increase of dengue cases in Taiwan to the fact that dengue fever has been raging in Southeast Asia this year. He said this has indirectly caused the numbers of both imported and indigenous cases to go up in Taiwan. Another reason for the increases in cases, Yaung said, is that some residents have been opposed to health workers spraying insecticide in their neighborhoods.

“The central epidemic command center will do its best to stem the disease, but I cannot promise that it will be eradicated once and for all,” Yaung told