MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Lipoxen reports positive results for its flu vaccine

Officials with Lipoxen announced this week that preliminary tests show that its new influenza vaccine appears to be effective.

The new vaccine uses a liposomal co-delivery technology named ImuXen, ProactiveInvestors reports.

In April of 2009, Lipoxen officials announced positive clinical data that showed that ImuXen technology platform applied to an influenza vaccine increased the effectiveness of influenza vaccines by around 30-fold.

At that time, officials also said that ImuXen has the potential to increase output of vaccine doses from manufacturing facilities and that the vaccine was stable for long periods in high temperatures in its dried form, reports.

Lipoxen CEO Scott Maguire told that the latest project results have confirmed all of the major benefits that were announced in April 2009.

He said that the company will now seek EU grant funding to take their proprietary product into the clinic as soon as possible.

“I believe that these results put Lipoxen firmly on the map as a leading European platform technology company with the potential to offer a full range of delivery solutions for both biologic and vaccine therapies, be this for next generation drugs and vaccines or for patent protected bio-superior products,” Maguire told

Lipoxen has three proprietary patented technology platforms, including PolyXen, ImuXen and SiRNAblate.