Dengue fever cases in India continue to climb

In New Delhi, India, 65 new cases of dengue fever were reported on October 19, bringing the total number of infected this season to 4,679.

Eight people have reportedly died of dengue fever during the outbreak, according to the Times of India. There are approximately 70 new cases every day, a statistic that an official from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi called "alarming."

MCD figures reported that last year’s outbreak was less virulent. There were a total of 1,153 cases in the city, with three fatalities reported in 2009, the Times of India reports. In 2008, there were 1,312 cases and two deaths. The number of cases has surpassed the entire total from the outbreak of 2006 - 3,366 reported cases - that was considered severe.

The Rohini region of the city has reported 596 cases this year, the highest number of infections, followed by the central region at 553 cases and Shahdara-north with 543.

This has been a particularly dangerous year for dengue fever. The disease hit the Caribbean particularly hard over the summer, and the World Health Organization issued warnings to the Asia Pacific region that it could see a dramatic rise in the number of infections.

France saw its first case of dengue fever on mainland Europe in mid-September. The state of Florida also began seeing dengue cases this year. The situation in Malaysia has become drastic enough that the government is considering the release of genetically altered mosquitoes designed to rid the nation of the dengue threat.