SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

BiondVax Pharmaceuticals begins testing of universal flu vaccine

Company officials with BiondVax Pharmaceuticals announced that it is beginning a Phase II-A clinical trial for its Multimeric-001 universal flu vaccine.

BiondVax president and CEO Dr. Ron. Babecoff told that the company will soon begin giving trial participants initial shots of the vaccines. The results of these trials, he said, should be published by the second quarter of 2011.

Babecoff told that the new trials will test the safety of the vaccine and the immune response of the body to the injections. He also said that the trial will look at the ability of the vaccine to bolster the immune reaction to the commercial flu vaccine.

The company, Babecoff told, has completed two clinical trials with the Multimeric-001 vaccine, which was found safe for use in all dosages.

“Beginning this trial is a significant milestone in the clinical development of the Multimeric-001 universal flu vaccine, which is considered the first of its kind in the world,” Babecoff told “After the success of the two previous trials, in which the Multimeric-001 vaccination proved its safety and arousal of a reaction in older and younger people, the new trial is an important stage in developing the universal flu vaccine. This important trial will take us a significant step forward in realizing the company's vision of ensuring protection against flu through a single vaccination that will replace the need to be vaccinated each year as existing vaccines require today.”