Inviragen to develop needle-free dengue vaccine

Officials with Inviragen announced that they have recently received a $15.5 million grant to help develop a needle-free dengue fever vaccine.

Inviragen officials told that they applied for the grant through the NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to advance the development of a needle-free, easy-to-administer dengue vaccine.

Inviragen, established in 2005, will work with another Colorado company - the Golden-based PharmaJet - to develop the needle-free vaccine, Dan Stinchcomb, the CEO of Inviragen, told

Stinchcomb said that the award will fund regulatory filings, preclinical studies, manufacturing and clinical testing of Inviragen's dengue vaccine.

“It's less painful,” Stinchcomb told the “The technology is pretty slick. You load the vaccine into one of their a button and a high-tension spring forces the vaccine shots directly into the skin.”

The new needle-less method will deliver the vaccine in a fine jet spray that pierces the skin and administers it under the skin, PharmaJet's interim chief executive officer Linda McAllister said.

“People of all ages fear needles, and safe disposal of needle waste is a constant problem for health-care providers,” McCallister said, reports. “A needle-free dengue vaccine would be welcomed by patients in endemic countries and by travelers worldwide and could protect them from this devastating disease. In this collaboration, PharmaJet will develop 'needle-free' syringes compatible with our jet- injection technology for pre-filling with Inviragen's novel dengue vaccine.”