MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Liquidia testing seasonal influenza vaccine

Liquidia Technologies, a privately-owned nanotechnology company that develops particle-based therapeutics and vaccines, announced on October 5 that it will begin human testing of its seasonal influenza vaccine candidate LIQ-001 in a Phase 1 clinical trial.

Liq-001 is being developed as a seasonal influenza vaccine for enhancing the protection of the elderly, reports. It represents Liquidia’s move from proof of concept to the clinical application of its technology platform known as PRINT.

"The primary objective of this trial is to evaluate the safety and immune response in healthy young adults and adults over 65, a group that often responds sub-optimally to standard flu vaccines," Frank Malinoski, chief medical officer at Liquidia, told "We believe that this vaccine, using proprietary PRINT particles, has the potential to offer a robust immune response and an improved safety and tolerability profile as compared to alternative approaches to delivering the influenza vaccine."

Liq-001 targets an enhanced immune response by leveraging PRINT technology, which gives it control of particle size, shape and chemistry in a scalable manufacturing process. Liquidia also licenses its particle technology and its GMP manufacturing capabilities to support programs by its collaborators.

"Advancing our first vaccine product from concept, through GMP production, to a clinical candidate in just over 18 months demonstrates the power and simplicity of the vaccines technology platform here at Liquidia," Neal Fowler, Liquidia’s chief executive officer. said, reports. "We believe our particle engineering and manufacturing control are unprecedented and provide us with a unique opportunity to improve the prevention and treatment of diseases for patients worldwide."