Mass vaccinations planned for flood-devastated Pakistan

Officials with the UAE Red Crescent Authority and Unicef have jointly announced that they will be vaccinating more than 750,000 women and children in flood-devastated Pakistan against diseases like measles and polio.

Officials told that the campaign, which will begin next week, will be carried out in Thatta and Dadu, two of the worst of the flood hit areas. Approximately 850,000 people will receive the immunizations. Officials with the United Nations estimate that around 20 million people have been affected by the floods in the country.

Mohammed al Qamzi, the secretary general of the Red Crescent Association said the campaign is crucial.

“The health situation after the disastrous floods in Pakistan is critical,” al Qamzi told “It was an obligation for the Red Crescent and the UN secure medical prevention measures against diseases that can spread among the victims of the disaster.”

Officials with both organizations said that women of childbearing age will receive two doses of the tetanus vaccine. Children between six months and five years of age will receive one dose each of the measles and polio vaccines.

“In these disasters, the transfer of diseases is easy, and the circumstances are favourable for that transfer because of the environment and hygiene, but also because of the crowded camps,” Ayman Abu Laban, Unicef’s representative in the Gulf, said, reports.

Laban added that two of the most dangerous problems are water-borne diseases like cholera and measles. Cholera, he said, can cause severe diarrhea, which can be fatal to children.