New Delhi reports 72 new dengue fever cases

Seventy-two more cases of dengue fever were reported in New Delhi on September 19, bringing the total to 2,296 so far this year.

An official from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi told the Times of India that dengue has killed five people in the Indian capital and one person from the metropolitan area this year.

The outbreak is on track to potentially cross the 2006 total of 3,366 cases, according to the Times of India. There are approximately 70 cases reported each day, an alarming figure, according to the MCD.

MCD figures reported last year’s outbreak to be less virulent. There were a total of 1,153 cases in the city, with three fatalities reported in 2009. In 2008, there were 1,312 cases and two deaths.  

This year, however, has been especially severe for dengue fever. The disease hit the Caribbean particularly hard over the summer, and the World Health Organization has issued warnings that the Asia Pacific region could see a rise in the number of annual dengue cases. France saw its first case of dengue in mainland Europe when a case was reported in Nice on September 13.

For most victims, dengue fever demonstrates flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, nausea and muscle or joint pain. One strain of the disease, however, produces severe hemorrhaging that can be fatal. Because of the hemorrhaging risk, it is critical that dengue victims not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication.