LigoCyte begins clinical trials for norovirus candidate

LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals announced on September 16 that it has begun clinical trials for a bivalent intramuscular norovirus vaccine candidate.

The trials mark the fourth in a series of human tests in LigoCyte’s norovirus-like particle vaccine program. The Phase I dose escalation study will test the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine in healthy adults.

Previous studies have proven a nasal formulation of a monovalent norovirus-like particle vaccine to be both immunogenic and generally well-tolerated by the human body. The bivalent formula that will be tested contains antigens from both norovirus genogroups that routinely infect people.

"Norovirus infections are recognized as a widespread problem that can have very serious consequences," Donald P. Beeman, the CEO of LigoCyte, said. "This bivalent norovirus vaccine is the first to be tested clinically, and the first GII.4 subtype antigen to be included in a human vaccine.

“We have shown excellent results with the nasal vaccine to date, and investigation of multiple routes of administration will help us to select the best possible form of the product to prevent the burden of disease associated with this highly contagious virus."

The studies will be made through the participation of 98 subjects and will be conducted at the University of Rochester and Saint Louis University.