Siberian research co. reports HIV vaccine candidate

Officials with the Siberia-based State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology, Vector, reported that they have successfully accomplished development of a candidate HIV vaccine.

Vector officials told that they have obtained permission to test the new treatment.

Researchers at the facility, which is located in the Siberian city of Novosibisk, told that they have been carrying out a vast amount of scientific research aimed at developing an HIV vaccine since 2008.

Vector officials said the vaccine is one of the strongest and most advanced vaccines in the world.

“This vaccine induces strong antibody response and the formed antibodies not only recognize HIV-1 antigens but can also neutralize the virus in vitro,” an unnamed source told

Officials estimated the first phase of vaccine tests on human volunteers should be completed in 2010.

It is estimated that the total number of HIV cases in Russia since 1987 has reached the half million mark.

To combat this rise, Russia's state-run, non-profit Rosnano will invest approximately $40 million for developing treatments for AIDS, hepatitis and cancer of the pancreas, the corporation said on Tuesday.

“Reviving the country's pharmaceutical a difficult task," Rosnano director Anatoly Chubais told "But the country has no choice. It's a matter of state reputation and national health. This is a chance to attract 'smart money' to our country's economy."

Russia President Dmitry Medvedev previously urged scientists and businessmen to take steps to redevelop the industry. More than 200 innovative drugs are planned to be designed by 2020.