MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

MabVax begins Phase II testing of sarcoma vaccine

MabVax Therapeutics, Inc., has announced the enrollment of patients into a Phase II clinical trial to assess the efficacy and safety of a vaccine to prevent or delay the recurrence of sarcoma.

For the trial, 126 metastatic sacroma patients will take part in a randomized, multicenter, double-blind Phase II study of a trivalent vaccine that has been developed to target and kill residual circulating cancer cells and micrometastases that are believed to cause recurrent cancer.

MabVax's vaccine is a trivalent ganglioside vaccine administered with an immunological adjuvant in a series of 10 subcutaneous injections given over an 84 week period.

The goal of the vaccine is to teach the body's immune system to create antibodies against the three ganglioside antigens present on the surface of sarcoma cells.

These antibodies will then seek out and kill residual circulating cancer cells and micrometastses, with an objective of preventing disease recurrence.

There are approximately 13,200 sarcoma cases each year in the United States, which represents less than one percent of all new cancers. More than 5,200 patients in the United States die of sarcoma each year. Additionally, the majority of patients with recurrent sarcoma die as a result of further recurrences. Chemotherapy in addition to surgical resection has not shown to be effective in improving outcomes in adult patients with sarcoma.