SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Australian anti-vaccine group found to be misleading

An anti-vaccination group in Australia has been ordered by the Health Care Complaints Commission to include disclaimers on its Web site after the group was found guilty of providing misleading information on immunizations,. 

The HCCC ruled that information provided by the Australian Vaccination Network was misleading and that other information was omitted by the group, reports.

AVN founder Meryl Dorey posted the judgment online. In the judgment, the HCCC says that AVN should publish a disclaimer located on the Web site that the group's advice should not be regarded as medical advice and that vaccination decisions should be based on medical advice.

Dorey countered that the HCCC's information was itself misleading to the average reader, saying that the HCCC selectively reported certain information, giving non-peer reviewed material the same authority as peer-reviewed literature, reports.

The AVN is a lobby group which campaigns against vaccinations for such diseases as pertussis. The group has become known for such slogans as "Love them, Protect them, Never Inject Them."

The AVN has been widely criticized by such groups as the AMA. The AVN, however, contends that the groups that criticize them are themselves health fascists and lackeys for big pharmacy, according to the report.