Trial planned for AIDS vaccine

Officials with the AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta recently called for volunteers to test a DNA-based AIDS vaccine by GeoVax.

According to a report, study participants must have had a negative HIV test followed by a positive test six months later. Participants are also required to have started drugs to combat the virus within the past six months. Officials told that a total of 10 to 12 patients will be enrolled in the study and that they will be monitored for up to 77 weeks.

GeoVax is already testing the vaccine for HIV prevention. This study, however, will be the first to test the vaccine in people who already have the virus, according to the report.

Dr. Melanie Thompson, principal investigator for the AIDS Research Consortium for Atlanta, told that she is excited to be taking part in the study.

“ARCA is pleased to be conducting this important clinical trial,” Thompson told “New approaches to HIV treatment are critically needed, and an effective therapeutic vaccine would be an important tool in our ongoing efforts to treat people with HIV infection. A vaccine that enhanced the body’s ability to control HIV and delayed or decreased the dependence on anti-HIV drugs would be a major breakthrough for HIV treatment around the world.”