Vaccine on the horizon to fight asthma and hay fever

Swiss researchers recently announced that they have created a “one size fits all” shot that could be used to combat multiple ailments, including asthma and hay fever.

The jab, known as CYT003-Qbg10, may also be effective against eczema and even peanut allergies, researchers said during an allergy conference recently held in London, reports.

Researchers with the Zurich-based Cytos Biotechnology said that over the course of the clinical trials, the jab worked almost as efficiently as steroids do for asthma.

Researchers said the vaccine was manufactured by using pieces of synthetic DNA that are similar to those in the bug that causes tuberculosis. The DNA tricks the body into thinking it’s under attack, prompting a multi-faceted defense response from the immune system.

The esearchers said 63 asthma patients were given the jab or a series of injections of a dummy drug over three-months. The results of the tests showed the jab could cut asthma attacks or symptoms by a third. A separate trial found the injections cut the amount of runny noses and weepy eyes by almost 39 percent and that quality of life was boosted by 42 percent, according to the report.

“We think it is a one-size-fits all mechanism,” Dr. Wolfgang Renner, Cytos' CEO, said. “We are very excited about it.”

“Over three quarters of people with asthma also have an allergy, which can often trigger their asthma symptoms,” Leanne Metcalf, director of Research at Asthma UK, told “We are, therefore, excited about the potential of this vaccine to make a real difference to people with asthma and allergies, especially as it has been shown in clinical trials to have relatively few side effects.”

The researchers said the vaccine could be available within four to five years.