Mymetics receives positive Phase Ib trial results for malaria vaccine

Officials with Mymetics Corporation announced have announced that the company's malaria vaccine has successfully completed Phase Ib clinical trials in Tanzania.

“The study confirms that the company's virosome-based vaccine is well tolerated and safe for adults and children as young as 5 years of age,” researchers for Mymetics told proactiveinvestors.com. “The vaccine induced specific, long-lasting antibody responses against the key AMA-1 and CSP-1 Malaria antigens in semi-immune subjects, lasting up to 12 months for CSP-1.”

The vaccine, which targets the early stages of malaria parasite’s life cycle, uses influenza-based virosomes as the antigen carrier, Mymetics officials said. The antigen carrier attaches to two synthetic peptides that copy the native structure of important antigens found during the key stages in the Malaria parasite's life cycle.

The Phase Ib trial was performed over a 12 month period on 40 volunteers in Tanzania. Officials said subjects received two injections that were tolerated by both adults and children under the age of five.

Professor Marcel Tanner, director of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, expressed satisfaction over the trials.

“These exciting results are especially promising compared to previous clinical studies, as the group was semi-immune and the trial was carried out without special precautions to avoid parasite exposure -- conditions that normally make it very difficult to trigger a strong immune response,” Tanner said.

Mymetics officials said they are currently preparing for the next round of Professor Marcel Tanner, director of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, told proactiveinvestors.com.