MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

Gates, Slim announce $150 million health donation for Central America

Bill Gates and Carlos Slim, two of the wealthiest men in the world, will team up with Spain to donate $150 million to fight dengue fever, malaria and malnutrition in Mexico and Central America.

Separate foundations run by Gates and Slim will each donate $50 million to the 2015 Meso-American Health Initiative, reports.

Gates and Slim, along with Mexico President Felipe Calderon, announced the initiative during a press conference on June 14.

The program also hopes to reduce childbirth deaths and help vaccination campaigns in eight countries in the Central American region.

Gates has already been busy giving aid to foreign countries in need.

Recently, officials in Argentina announced that a local scientist’s vaccine development program will soon receive funding from Gates’ foundation. The funding will go towards the development of oral vaccines and equipment to diagnose infectious diseases.

Last week, Gates announced his foundation would be making further contribution of $150 million to fight polio in Nigeria. Those funds come in addition to the $750 million he has committed over the past decade to fight the disease.

Gates, previously listed as the world's richest person, was overtaken this year by Slim in the rankings, falling to second. Slim is estimated to be worth $53.5 billion and Gates' wealth is estimated at $53 billion.