Solar powered refrigerator to make vaccines accessible worldwide

A solar powered refrigerator has been developed by Appropriate Technology Collaborative that will allow vaccines to be cooled in parts of the world without electricity.

The ATC refrigerator provides the necessary cooling without using any electricity and is designed to be built locally, which means that expensive technology does not need to be imported from other countries.

“The ATC Solar Vaccine Refrigerator is a robust, easy to maintain technology that can be made in the country or region where it is to be used," ATC said, according to "It is made out of simple materials that can be found in most cities: steel, charcoal and ethanol or methanol. The finished product has no moving parts that need maintenance and it doesn’t use electricity of any kind. One simply places it in sunlight and it freezes. Period. If the sun doesn’t shine it can run on biofuels."

The ATC refrigerator will allow serious public health issues in the developing world to be addressed. These areas of the world face great challenges in storing and distributing vaccines, which need to be preserved until they are used. Regular refrigerators are costly to purchase and operate and cannot be used in areas where electricity is scarce.