Canadian swine flu vaccination programs failing

Many provinces in Canada are beginning to report that their swine flu vaccination programs are failing.

Canadian healthcare officials told dbtechno.com that the number of residents getting the flu vaccine has begun to drop off. Officials conclude the lull in cases in other parts of the world has given Canadian residents a false sense of security.

Another reason the for poor vaccination numbers, the report concluded, is because the dangers posed by swine flu are not being properly reported to citizens in Canadian provinces.

Although the number of reported cases of swine flu has tailed off some, the World Health Organization still gives the virus pandemic status, meaning that those who can get the vaccine should.

Canadian healthcare facilities have stockpiles of the virus because no one is getting their shot, officials told dbtechno.com.

Health officials in Ontario report a 38 percent vaccination rate, just above Alberta, which had the lowest vaccination rate in Canada at 35 percent. Provinces with the highest vaccination rate were Newfoundland and Labrador with 70 percent, respectively, of their residents receiving the shot.

The news of the failure of the Canadian swine flu vaccination effort comes at a time when the WHO, in a release on its Web site, has said that the worst of the H1N1 pandemic influenza outbreak appears to have passed.