"Vaccine choice" rally held in Chicago

A “vaccine choice” rally was recently held in Chicago's Grant Park that featured the doctor at the center of the vaccine-autism debate, reports

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who was barred from practicing medicine in his native Great Britain, announced his plans to resume his autism research in the United States during the rally, according to the report.

The rally, held in conjunction with a conference hosted by Generation Rescue and Autism One, was organized by advocacy groups who believe autism is linked to vaccines

Volunteers from Women Thinking Free held a counter-protest. The group told that it hopes to at least do a small part to “counteract the deadly message of the anti-vaccination movement.”

At the same time, health experts from across the country are gathered for the National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions.

Alison Tepper Singer, the mother of a daughter with autism and president of the Autism Science Foundation, is a scheduled speaker at that conference.

Singer told that she understands the concerns of parents opposed to vaccines but noted that dozens of studies have failed to show any link between autism and vaccination.

”We don't have any autism research money to waste doing more vaccine research studies when we know that research has shown that there is no link,” Singer told “It's important to use the limited funds to study new data and help people have better lives.”