WHO delegates step up fight against vaccine treatable diseases

At the conclusion of their five-day meeting, World Health Organization delegates decreed that they will promote efforts to reduce the child morality rate, according to CIDRAP News.

Leaders will focus efforts on providing equal access to vaccines and medicines for diseases such as measles and childhood pneumonia, CIDRAP News reports. A resolution was passed to intensify the treatment and prevention of pneumonia, which is the leading cause of death for children younger than five, the report says

The delegation passed a resolution at the meeting, which concluded May 21. CIDRAP News reports that the resolution calls for policymakers, donors and governments to help speed up and increase efforts to access and deliver pneumonia vaccines and treatments to those in need of them around the world. The passage of the resolution was the first of its kind for the WHO delegation, the Baltimore-based International Vaccine Access Center said in a press release, according to CIDRAP News.

The report states that WHO Director-General Margaret Chan applauded the group's efforts at the meeting.

"I witnessed firsthand your great desire to cooperate internationally, and with other sectors, in reaching these goals," she said. "The spirit I personally witnessed was one of great optimism, solidarity, and a can-do attitude."