MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

South Africa takes flu precautions prior to World Cup

Extra precautions are being put in place in South Africa to prevent a potential flu outbreak during next month's World Cup, reports.

The precautions follow concern that the soccer tournament may lead to a surge in flu infections that could spread globally.

Delivery has been made of 3.5 million doses of pandemic flu vaccine to the South African government by pharmaceutical companies through the World Health Organization. The extra vaccine doses will serve to supplement South Africa's own purchases of seasonal flu vaccines to protect its citizens.

Approximately 400,000 fans are expected to flood South Africa for the 32 team World Cup, which occurs during the traditional seasonal flu peak in South Africa.

In addition to the vaccine doses, South African public health officials will also be on the look out for any signs of mutation in the flu virus or any accelerated spread of the virus back to the home countries of fans.

There are currently no plans to vaccinate travelers arriving for the World Cup, although several countries, including England and Canada, are urging fans who plan to travel to South Africa to first obtain flu vaccine injections.

The WHO has stated that it will also be watching the events in Sout Africa to determine if anything unusual takes place over the next few months.