Powder-based oral vaccine to be part of AAPS conference

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists' National Biotechnology Conference will be held this weekend in the Hilton San Francisco Union Square starting this Sunday, May 16.

The conference will be a place where scientists from all reaches gather to discuss research and advances in biotherapeutics ranging from flu vaccines to HIV combatants.

The conference will highlight research from scientists at the University of Texas-Austin, where researchers are working on a delivery system that is using a powder-based oral vaccine for the prevention of various illnesses.

"By vaccinating through the oral route you remove the pain and fear associated with vaccines, require less experienced personnel for administration, and do a better job of mimicking the natural process of infection," Tarik Khan, part of the research team, said.

The goal is to increase the overall vaccination rate in developing countries and distribute vaccines on a widespread basis to combat everything from the flu to HIV. The study is being conducted with a model antigen in a mouse model.

Other researchers are conducting powder-based vaccination studies. Scientists from the Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation and Crucell produced a study, "Stabilizing Formulations for Inhalable Powders of an Adenovirus 35-vectored Tuberculosis (TB) Vaccine," showing that a stable dry powder of a TB vaccine could be utilized for mass vaccination in a one-step drying process, the release states.

Along with researchers and scientists, the conference, which runs from May 16 to May 20, will host over 100 companies.