Crucell and NIH Burkina Faso malaria vaccine trial

Crucell N.V. announced Thursday that it has begun the first phase of a clinical study for irs AdVac-based malaria vaccine in Burkina Faso.

“We are very pleased that the collaboration with NIH enables us to enter into this new trial," Dr. Jerald Sadoff, Crucell's chief medical officer, said. “Using Crucell's technologies, we are on a joint mission to develop a vaccine against malaria, one of the top three killers in the world, causing close to a million deaths every year, mostly amongst children.”

Sadoff said that the study will be a controlled and random double-blind study. The Dutch biopharmaceutical company will also use dosage-escalation in its clinical trials, which will look specifically at the safety and immunogenecity of the malaria vaccine vector, Ad35-CS. The study is the first of its kind that will look at healthy adult volunteers living in a malaria-prone area.
The study will be funded by the NIAID/NIH. It will be conducted by Burkinabe researchers at the CNRFP. Dr. Sodiomon B. Sirima, director of the CNRFP, will lead the study.

“The innovative approach in designing this malaria vaccine vector gives us confidence that it could open a new, promising era in the quest for an effective malaria vaccine, which would save the lives of millions of our children,” Sirima said.