MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

New therapeutic TB vaccine could cut treatment time

Archivel Farma, S.L. has announced at the 2010 BIO International Convention that its therapeutic TB vaccine, RUTI(R), can cut treatment time for the virus from nine months to one month when used with an antibiotic. 

The company states that this will help people with TB limit side effects and cut medical costs.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs and can cause serious health problems. It is spread through the air from person to person, though, according to the Mayo Clinic, "most people who become infected with the bacteria that cause tuberculosis don't develop symptoms of the disease."

For those who do develop symptoms of TB, Archivel Farma said, the infection has proven difficult to quickly and completely eliminate. Standard treatment requires a nine-month course of antibiotics to make sure all traces of the non-replicating form are eliminated from the lungs. 

Archivel's two-pronged approach would combine a month of antibiotic treatment with two shots of the company's vaccine. The vaccine stimulates the body's immune system to help fight the bacterial infection, the company claims.

Archivel Farma expects that the vaccine will be available commercially in 2015.