ImuXen vaccines receive positive test results

Positive results have been received by the biopharmaceutical Lipoxen for two of its ImuXen proprietary candidates for influenza vaccine and malaria vaccine.

The ImuXen technology is based on lipids. Lipids are natural substances found in the human body that entrap liposomes' active ingredients, which are usually antigens. This entrapment ensures the direct delivery of the active ingredients to the immune systems' appropriate cells.

By utilizing lipids, Lipoxen says, it has enhanced the effectiveness of its vaccines by generating strong and broadly based immune responses.

"I am further encouraged that one of our leading technology platforms has again demonstrated its potential to underpin a new generation of vaccine products with enhanced performance characteristics," Scott Maguire, Lipoxen's chief executive, told Business Financial Newswire. "Along with increased efficacy, Lipoxen's refrigeration-free vaccines have the potential to solve yet another material issue in modern vaccines."

ImuXen has shown several advantages for its use in vaccines, including protection against degradation, efficient delivery methods for vaccines to the immune system, increase immune responses, protective immunity with a single injection and ease of manufacture.

Lipoxen, based in the United Kingdom, is a developer of high-value, differentiated pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, protein drugs and anti-cancer drugs. The company was founded in 1997 by Professor Gregory Gregoriadis.