MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

HPV virus trial suspended in India

Following the deaths of six children who had been administered the controversial Human Papilloma Virus vaccines in India, a phase-3 trial of the vaccines has been canceled by the nation's government.
"States have been advised not to carry out any further vaccinations at present," S. Ghandiselvan, the junior health and family welfare minister told Parliament.
The vaccines - MSD Pharmaceuticals' Gardasil and GSK Pharmaceuticals' Cervarix - are the reported cause of four deaths in Andra Pradesh, India, and two deaths in Gujarat, India.
“While no vaccine is completely without risk, leading international health organizations including the Drug Controller General of India and the WHO have reviewed all of the safety information available to them about Gardasil and continue to recommend its use," Dr. Swashraya Shah, MSD's medical director, told
A spokesman for GSK added, “GSK's HPV vaccine is approved and marketed in approximately 100 countries including the US and the UK. It is also pre-qualified by WHO for UN agencies and is in the national immunization program in more than six countries.”
Both GSK and MSD have been pushing for their vaccines to be included in the National Immunization Plan.

The ban on Gardasil and Cervarix was called a "temporary setback" by KPMG pharmaceutical practice head Hitesh Gajaria, who added that both companies remained committed to proving the feasibility of the vaccines to the nation's government.