Vaccine firm secures $3 million in funding

A Scottish life science firm has secured an additional $3.1 million in funding to develop new vaccines, BBC News reported.

The company, Big DNA, said Scottish Enterprise had matched $1.6 million already pledged from private investment from Hong Kong and the Channel Islands.

The new $3.1 million will be used to develop clinical trials of its hepatitis B vaccine.

CEO and co-founder Dr. John March said: "This new investment will be used to fund the first-phase clinical trials of our lead product which we will complete within the next three years."

Dr March and his team at the Roslin Biocentre use bacterial viruses to create vaccines.

These contain the genetic instruction — or DNA — rather than using the disease organism itself, which conventional vaccines rely on.

This method, the company said, offered the potential for rapid development and manufacture using relatively simple processes.

The company said a range of vaccines is currently being developed.