MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Generex's vaccine technology platform described at PepTalk 2010

WORCESTER, Mass. — Generex Biotechnology Corp. announced Jan. 19 the presentation of the immuno-therapeutics vaccine technology platform and product pipeline of its wholly owned subsidiary, Antigen Express Inc.

The podium presentation, entitled “Immunotherapy Using Ii-Key Modified Peptides for Increased, Antigen-Specific T Helper Cell Activation,” was made by Antigen Express President Dr. Eric von Hofe at the Cambridge Healthtech Institutes’ ninth annual PepTalk Conference held in San Diego on Jan. 15.

The symposium highlighted advances in the field of peptide therapeutics and was attended by leaders in academia, industry and regulatory agencies, Generex stated.

Anna Gluskin, Generex’s president and CEO, stated, “We are very encouraged by the interim results from the immunotherapeutic vaccine studies and, as a result, we intend to move forward with additional studies, including a Phase III breast cancer vaccine study and a Phase II prostate cancer vaccine study, and regulatory submissions.” 

Antigen Express is developing “next generation” immunotherapeutic peptides for the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases and other serious illnesses.

The company recently disclosed interim results of a randomized Phase II study of its lead compound, AE37, showing no relapses in the AE37 group compared to a 7 percent relapse rate in the control arm after 13 months. Based on these results, a Phase III study of AE37 in breast cancer patients and a Phase II study in prostate cancer patients are planned.