Emergent BioSolutions submits proposal to develop new anthrax vaccine

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Emergent BioSolutions Inc. announced July 31, 2008, that it has submitted a proposal in response to a request by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for a recombinant protective antigen anthrax vaccine (rPA).

Emergent BioSolutions’ rPA vaccine candidate, which has completed one Phase II clinical trial, is a reformulated and more stable form of the rPA 102 vaccine originally developed at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

This request for proposal is designed to meet the government’s stated goal to procure 25 million doses of an rPA anthrax vaccine for the Strategic National Stockpile. This would be in addition to the $448 million three-year contract awarded to Emergent BioSolutions in 2007 that includes the supply of 18.75 million doses of its anthrax vaccine BioThrax to the stockpile.

The government has indicated that any awards for an rPA vaccine would be granted at the end of 2008, at the earliest.
The company intends to manufacture this rPA anthrax vaccine, as well as BioThrax, in its recently constructed, large-scale manufacturing facility in Lansing.

Emergent BioSolutions Inc., formed in 2004, is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of products that harness the immune system to treat and prevent disease. These include vaccines and related products for prophylactic and therapeutic use against common infectious diseases and biological weapons of mass destruction.