Emergent BioSolutions appoints Jackson as chief scientific officer

He will report directly to Chairman and CEO Fuad El-Hibri.

Jackson will lead the company’s scientific evaluation of new products and technology platforms and will be responsible for building and managing Emergent BioSolutions’ scientific advisory board.

He will support the CEO in external communications by providing scientific expertise and perspective about the company’s technologies, platforms and product candidates to government agencies and officials, investors, analysts and at scientific meetings.

Jackson joined Emergent BioSolutions in 2003 when the company acquired Antex Biologics Inc., where he had been vice president of research and development. Since 2003, he has served in several management capacities within the company including vice president, commercial product development and most recently as vice president, technical support.

He has more than 20 years of biopharmaceutical research and development experience, including research efforts related to antigen identification and characterization, pre-clinical evaluation and initial development of bacterial vaccines in the areas of respiratory, enteric and sexually transmitted diseases.

Jackson has been issued 17 U.S. and foreign patents, received several state and federal research grants and published frequently in various scientific journals. He has a doctorate in microbiology from the University of Georgia.